Pastor Ulysses McKneely II

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Pastor Ulysses McKneely, II was born to the late Stacy Comeaux and the late Ulysses McKneely, Sr. on February 1, 1978 in San Francisco, CA, the second born to a blended family of five children.  He graduated from MB Smiley High School and attended the College of Biblical Studies. Pastor McKneely is currently a student at Truett Seminary at Baylor University on track to receive a Master of Arts in Christian ministry. 


God has blessed Pastor McKneely with four beautiful children: Christian (19), Gianna (18), and twins Elijah and Eliza (12). 

In 1997, Pastor McKneely confessed his calling to preach the uncompromising Word of God under the leadership of the late Pastor Lonnie Henderson at the Open Door MBC. On October 11, 1997, He preached his first sermon, “Born Again” with the supporting text coming from John 3:1-7. In 1998 Reverend McKneely and family united with the Christian Faith Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor LeRoy Joseph. He was later ordained by Pastor Joseph in 1999. While serving at Christian Faith, he was appointed as Youth Pastor. He remained active and dedicated to the work of the Lord through the Christian Faith Missionary Baptist Church until being called to pastor the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in December of 2008. 


Being led by the Holy Spirit, in July 2013, he now serves as the founding Pastor of the Sovereign Grace Baptist Church of Houston, TX. As a young, innovative, and dedicated servant of the Most High God, Pastor McKneely is active in many organizations, associations, and committees. 


Today, with the fear of God in his heart, Pastor Ulysses McKneely, II leads and guides God's people to embrace the unchanging message of Christ crucified, resurrected, seated at the right hand of the Father, and accept the challenge to be transformed by the Word of God and not conform to this world.